How the Referral Program Works

DidItBetter Software solutions complement and add functionality to your Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Office and mobile devices!

Thank you for your recommending our Software solutions and welcome the opportunity to work with you in introducing our innovative solutions to your clients. We invite you to join the Affiliate Referral Agent team.

Our company has been in business since 1988 and as the pioneer of Exchange public folder and Outlook folder synchronization products; we have developed and enhanced our sync solutions over the last decade to meet our customers’ changing sync needs in the workplace and on the go. We offer server-side (Add2Exchange), client-side (Add2Outlook) and a hosted sync solution (hosted Exchange + hosted Add2Exchange). Because every company is not structured the same, our solutions were designed to handle multiple sync scenarios allowing our customers to tailor Add2Exchange to meet their sync needs. For mobile device and smartphone users, our sync solutions benefit those who want to synchronize Exchange public folders to the personal folder which is where it needs to be in order for the mobile device’s sync software to get to it.

Consider our solutions if you are an IT consultant, value added provider, or network/systems integrator who recommends or supports Microsoft Exchange, Outlook, Office products, mobile devices, BES, and have clients who would benefit from:

  • Helpful, centralized, easy-to-use Microsoft Exchange / Outlook Add Ins for Outlook folder synchronization of calendars, contacts, tasks, posts or have a need for Active Directory GAL Sync.
  • Exchange public folder sync solutions for mobile and any Smartphone users (for example, iPhone, iPad, Androids, Blackberry).
  • Server-based and centralized folder creation and management solutions to clone Outlook folders.
  • Group/interoffice task management and team collaboration solutions.
  • CRM: Simple Contact and Lead Management and Marketing Solutions for Microsoft Office users.

Affiliate Referral Agent Benefits

  • Active authorized Affiliate Referral Agents are eligible for leads in their area.
  • Free 21-day fully functional trial versions available for download from the web for your customers to try our solutions in their environment.
  • Attractive Affiliate Referral Agent pricing and new revenue opportunities for your company. Please refer to Exhibit A in the Affiliate Referral Agent agreement for Affiliate Referral Agent discount schedule.
  • We offer one not-for-resale (NFR) copy of each DidItBetter Software solution at a special discount to your company for use and demonstration purposes in your company.
  • Earn a free NFR: When you resell $5,000 in license and value bundle orders in one calendar quarter, you will receive one free NFR for use in your organization of our Add2Exchange Enterprise Sync Suite with an unlimited relationships license with 1 year software assurance.

You may also purchase a NFR copy at a special VAR discount:

  • 50% discount off the regular price of Add2Exchange Enterprise Sync Suite (all 4 folder types) Value Bundle NFR license
  • 30% discount off the regular price of Add2Exchange Enterprise Sync Suite license with add-on tools
  • 30% discount off the regular retail price of any TaskController unlimited user license
  • 25% discount off the regular retail price of any Add2Outlook Sync Suite license for a single EOU on 1 server or any DidIT! CRM 10 (or more) user license

One NFR copy per solution per Affiliate Referral Agent organization.

Please review our solutions at our website. If you feel your customers would benefit from our solutions and you are ready to join our Affiliate Referral Agent team, please go to the signup process.

If you’re interested in reselling our Hosted Services, please ask for our Hosted Solution Affiliate Referral Agent Kit.

Get Started Today! It’s FREE to join! If you have any questions, please email us at We look forward to the working with you!

Getting Started

Go to the signup process. Once you’ve been approved and configured in our system, follow these instructions to begin sending referrals.

Whenever you work with referrals, you’ll need to be logged into your account.

Note, you will not be able to see any of the referral functionality on the site until your account has been enabled and the following screens will help you familiarize yourself with the new functionality you will see on the site.



Your prospects are your prospects and we will not try to contact them directly. The only way we would contact them is if they call in to our company to ask questions. If they do call in, we will ask if they are working with one of our referral partners to include you in the conversation.

The easiest way to find a product page is through the product descriptions on our main site.

Each product has a purchase button which will take you to the appropriate page or category on the store.

When you know what product and options you want the customer purchase, click the Add To Cart button.  Once you have all of the products you want in the cart, click the Cart link to view the cart contents.

Cart Referral

In the cart, review your contents and make any final changes.  At the bottom is the Send Referral button. To send the cart to a lead, click the button. Your email client will open to compose the email. The message subject and body will be filled out with some basic information. You can craft the message however you like, adding the recipient in the To field as well. When you’re ready, go ahead and send it.

You can send the same message to one or many recipients. If you do not want multiple recipients to see each other’s contact information, just use the Bcc field.

To make sure we have record that your prospect is your prospect for any eventual sale, the referral email message can automatically Bcc so you get credit when they use your referral link for the sale. If you download a trial for the customer, be sure to specify your company as the IT so our automatic drip campaign does not activate.

Remember to empty the To field of its default “Friend” contents in either case and replace it with your customer’s email address.


Included in the email body is the link to the contents of the cart. The link carries your email encoded within it so your account is associated with any order which results from ordering using this link.

When the lead visits the link from their computer, your referral email address will be attached to any order they make. Even if they end up choosing to purchase a different product, you will still be listed as the Affiliate Referral Agent.

There are two situations where your email will be cleared from that lead. The first is if they click a different referral link, one which contains a different referral partner. The second is if they clear their browser cache before purchase, or if they purchase from a different computer. While there is a chance either of these situations could arise, they won’t happen in the normal course of business. Optionally, if you utilize the automatic bcc to our email, we will be able to give you the credit for the referral sale as long as the the customer does not select a different referral partner.

It is helpful to keep track of your referrals who purchase and to verify our site shows the same purchases.

Viewing Your Completed Referrals

Your account

When a customer completes an order which lists you as a Referral Agent, the order becomes available for viewing on your account page.

To view your account, log into the site and click My Account in the upper right-hand corner.

If you have any completed referrals, there will be a section listing them called My Referrals.

You can click on their order numbers for more details.

Above it is the section which lists any orders you yourself have completed, called My Orders.

These are orders you have purchased from your account, for your account. This section would list what you have purchased for yourself or for resale. This section should not be confused with your referrals.

Payment for your Completed Referrals

Once a month we will tally your completed referral orders and send you a check.